A wonderful evening drumming with Kofi Dennis, a visiting Arts Integration Specialist. Here he shares a little bit of his back story with us.

Kofi Dennis  believes in the concept of learning through play. He has extensive experience in many areas of education and the performing arts in West Africa and the United States. He has taught many subjects including social studies, math, science and English language at the elementary and middle school level, provided seminars and workshop as a member of the “Theater Collectives for the UNFPA’s Community” development program for women’s groups in Ghana. Mr. Dennis also coordinated and directed all student theater for development community projects in the correctional facilities, orphanages, and child-care centers in Ghana. Since moving to the United States in 1993, Mr. Dennis has delighted children, parents, teachers, and colleagues with his wonderful work in area schools and as a Wolf Trap Performing Arts Master Teacher/Trainer and presenter of West African Culture. Mr. Dennis is a wonderful drummer, storyteller, singer and dancer. He has presented workshops and residencies in schools and centers nationwide: notably Kennedy Center, Discovery Theater and the Smithsonian Folklife Festival, Wolf Trap’s Theater in the Woods, and the Filene Center, and St. Thomas Folklife Festival, Virgin Islands. He facilitates Wolf Trap’s Baby ARTSPLAY and ARTSPLAY in Fairfax County libraries, a fun filled literature based exploration of drama, dance and music for 0-5 year old children. Kofi Dennis, received his Diploma, Early Childhood Education at the Komenda Teaching College, University of Cape Coast, Ghana, West Africa in 1981. In 1990 He received his Diploma, Theater Arts (creative dramatics) from the School of Performing Arts, University of Ghana. 


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